Victoria The Wednesday Market Bus – Lockdown Storytime #2

This is the picture of Victoria That Shoo Draws for you in the Video. Make sure you have paper and pencil ready to draw your own.

Victoria the Wednesday Market Bus is one of my very first stories. It harks back to a time long ago, but which might seem a bit closer now we are locked down in quarantine around the world.

#This show is live but it is “made for kids” so there can be no comments or chat during the show. I will however be taking comments and suggestions on my twitter stream at @shoorayner. If you want to share drawings that are related to my books and stories, then please use the hashtag #shoobeedoodle.

I am going to try and do this every week day during the current lockdown crisis as a distance learning option for schools that have closed or may have to do so soon.

Feel free to embed this video in your own website and to set classwork around the stories – share your work through your school or class twitter account.

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