Why No Drawing Video Today?!

Why no Drawing Video today?! Because I am applying the seat of my pants to the seat of my chair and I am writing. I’m about 8,500 words into my 25,000 word children’s novel. My editor has brough forward the publication date, so I really need to get the first draft finished as soon as possible.

Need a drawing fix? The head over to my other channel www.youtube.com/drawstuffrealeasy, where I am doing Drawings from my book – published 17th May – called How to Draw Ancient Greek Stuff Real Easy –

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2 thoughts on “Why No Drawing Video Today?!

  1. Keep writing…….sounds great. I’ve written my life story (MISERABLE CHILDHOOD) and a local lady is very interested and is working on tidying it up and maybe (hopefully) getting it published. I don’t know anything about publishing. I think my story would have appealed to Charles Dickens……brought up by a vindictive spiteful old maid……..parents were around somewhere …..my brother found my mother in London when he was about 30 but she was in a relationship and was not interested in renewing a relationship with my brother or me.

  2. Goodness! There certainly seems to have been a fashion for that kind of a story, but any good story sad, bad or whatever, is worth telling. Good luck 🙂

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