World’s Biggest Drawing – World record by Joanna Basford

On Monday 18th November, Joanna Basford, the woman who pioneered the whole colouring craze with the book, Secret Garden, broke the Guinness World Record for the Largest Drawing by an individual. She created a GIANT inky artwork that was 501.18 m² (5395 ft²)!!

The previous record was 410.26 m² (4416 ft²). She had just 12 hours to create the mammoth doodle at her old school, Ellon Academy in Aberdeenshire. Guinness World Records were in attendance and adjudicated the event and completed the final measurements, before presenting her with her certificate!

Like me, Joanna is on a mission to inspire people to put down their phones, pick up a pen or pencil and DRAW!

“When I asked people what stopped them from drawing, they told me the blank sheet of paper scared them. I get it. Literally. I get THE SAME FEAR! I think all creative people do! BUT, the second you pick up that pencil and begin drawing, you start to kill the fear! I wanted to doodle on the world’s BIGGEST sheet of blank paper to inspire others to draw a picture too. It doesn’t have to be massive! It could be a post-it! The important thing is to pick up that pencil and begin.”

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