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Shoo Rayner BannerAbout Shoo.

Shoo Rayner battled dyslexia on his own to become a leading, international children’s author and illustrator.

He is highly committed to the cause of struggling and newly-independent readers, writing series books that they devour.

Shoo’s legendary story-telling skills make him always in demand in schools, libraries and festivals.

Children love to read his pacey, highly-illustrated, funny, thoughtful stories which are based on unforgettable characters such as The Ginger Ninja, Monster Boy, Axel Storm, and Viking Vik.

Shoo believes that drawing is just as important as writing and loves to encourage children, and adults too, to pick up a pencil and draw. His award-winning YouTube Drawing Videos are encouraging thousands to have a go at drawing both at home and in classrooms worldwide.

Learn more about Shoo from the Drawing My Life Videos below!


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