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Dogs of Influence – immortalise your dog!

My new book, Walker and the missing millions will be coming out on the 25th March.

You can pre-order on amazon from the link or go to Firefly Press directly, and get a signed copy and free badge too before the 4th March.

Every day throughout March, up until publication day, I will be drawing a different dog and creating a character on my YouTube channel. Not any old dog, but Dogs of Influence. It could be your dog or a dog you know!

In the next book about Walker, the boy who can talk to dogs, there will be a scene at a dog show called – Dogs of Influence and your dog could be there, in the book, as a character!

I have chosen all the dogs for this project – many thanks for your interest. You can see all the dogs I drew from this link.


A good picture of your dog. – Jpeg less than 250mb

The name of your dog.

Your fantasy name for your dog as a social media dog of influence.

In less than 200 words. Tell me what is so special about your dog that he/she would be invited to attend an imaginary show called Dogs of Influence.

Really sell your idea and be imaginative!

I’ll look forward to seeing your entry. Click this email link to enter: Dogs of influence mail link

By entering, you are allowing me to create a character using the names and description you supply. The copyright in the character devised from said photographs and description will belong to Shoo Rayner.

Use the hashtag #dogsofinfluence and spread the word

Shoo Rayner will choose entries which best suit the purpose of the story he is writing. There is no guarantee that the plot of the book might change!