Drawing Meetup at the British Museum

Come drawing with me on the 13th of December at the British Museum! I’m expecting YouTube channel subscribers and website viewers to be at the British Museum at 2.00pm. I’ll be by the big lion in the Great Court.

Rotring have given me some Rotring Tikky Graphic pens, the ones I always use in my videos, to give to the first people to arrive and the first three will get an exclusive Shoo Rayner Sketchbook. See this week’s Wednesday Show for more details.

I have no idea how many will be there, that’s what makes it so exciting. It’s the first time I’ve tried something like this. you have to start somewhere! I’m going to go and draw from the pots in the Ancient Greek department. There are fabulous drawings on the pots and so much to be learned from those great ancient artists.

I hoep to see you there!

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