Drawing the Parthenon with perspective & Year 3

Iyear1-cats spent Monday and Tuesday at Hazeldown Primary School in Teignmouth Devon where I was given an overwhelming welcome, as they use my drawing videos a lot and felt they already knew me!

I kept forgetting to take picture. I managed to get a picture of year one showing their Cat & Dog Drawings without showing any faces and too picture of the work of some of a Year Three.

They are a doing an ancient Greece project at the moment, so I showed them how to draw the Parthenon, with Euclid watching on. Some people get perspective straight away, while others have a more interesting interpretation of the concept!

Either way these are all amazing drawings for Year Threes. I loved how one boy inverted his drawing so he could draw the roof, because that’s what he thought was the most important part – very clever. Each drawing follows exactly the same instructions but each shows such individuality and personality – I love doing this!

Well done everyone – you all worked incredibly hard and carried on even when you thought it was all going wrong – if you keep drawing, it often all comes together at the end!

Below is my first Euclid video to get you going on some Ancient Greek geometry.


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