How to draw Pandora – Are you as curious as she is?

I’ve a drawing competition coming on Monday. This video is to get you prepared for it. Learn how to draw Pandora – is she the most curious girl in the world?

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1 thought on “How to draw Pandora – Are you as curious as she is?

  1. Kendall Cobb

    As Pandora enters into the forbidden room she finds the key that was on the desk!
    She finally had the courage to open the box the 2nd time.
    Slowly she turns the key. Click… click… click.. The box flips open a million tiny magical butterflies flew out the box! A white tiny butterfly landed on her finger and disappeared into fire works and glitter. Pandora eyes sparkled with joy! She finally faced her fear and over came the darkness.

    By Kendall Cobb
    From Canada Ontario. North bay.

    I did a cut out pop up 2d art effect.
    I hope you like my unique artwork!
    Made with water colour /ink. Shimmer butterfly effect.
    I hope to win your copy! I have always been a huge fan of your channel!
    Shout out to my friends and family.
    Thank you shoo!

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