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Are YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels Harmful to Mental Health?

The evidence is growing and becoming clearer that short-form video – Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok etc – are harming the mental health of children and rewiring growing minds in a way that I think will have dramatic consequences in a few years time.

I for one will not make and new short-form videos. Certainly not on my “Made For Kids” (MFK) channel  @drawstuffrealeasy  

I think it is time that YouTube removed the ability to post short-form video on MFK channels and remove all shorts from the YouTube Kids app. If they don’t do it voluntarily now, I’m sure that a jurisdiction somewhere will force their hand soon.

From my experience, having fallen down short-form rabbit holes for for lengthy periods of time myself, I’m convinced that this insidious form of media should be added to the dangerous substances list along with heroin and crack cocaine.

That also goes for Instagram Reels and TikTok etc.