Why Where the Wild things Are is my Favourite Children’s Book

wild thingWhere the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak, was a hugely influential book for me.

When I first encountered it in the college library in the early 1980s I was bowled over.

In this book, I could see how all my various talents might come together. That was the day I realised there was a person behind the illustrations in a book and the day Istarted working towards being a children’s book illustrator.

Where the Wild Things Are is a perfectly crafted piece of work. I’ve made this video to show you how brilliantly it is written and composed.

In many ways I’ve been trying to emulate this book over the years. I’ve written one or two cringingly bad homages to it shared with the world.

Werewolf-Poster24Although when My Series, Monster Boy came out, it was pointed out to me that The werewolf in WereWolf Wail looks like Max all grown up. That was purely subconscious!