Doodling is good for you – so get Doodling!

Doodling is good for the brain and for your creativity. As you doodle, the left hand side of the brain begins to go to sleep and all those annoying thoughts about what, where, when and how, fade away.

The the magical process begins. The right side of the brain, given time and space to be in charge, somehow come up with all the answers that the left side of the brain is demanding.

If ever you are stuck for an answer, stop trying to force it out, start doodling instead. You will be amazed!

2 thoughts on “Doodling is good for you – so get Doodling!

  1. Neil

    Very enjoyable – Thanks

    Ive been reading alot about conscious & subconscious mind
    There is a lot of wisdom in allowing your mind to simmer in the background
    And not rushing important decisions

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