Illustration technique with World Famous Illustrator, Alex Brychta

KipperAlexBrychtaSmlThis is part two of my interview with World Famous illustrator, Alex Brychta, who has illustrated over 500 books for the Oxford Reading Tree. If you are under 30, you probably learned to read with Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy the dog. In this video, Alex shows us how, through 30 years of practice, he swiftly lays out a page ready to do the ink drawing.

We discuss various techniques, but Alex photocopies his ink drawings onto conqueror paper and then stretches the paper onto drawing boards by moistening the back of the paper and sticking down with gummed paper tape. I do it dry with masking tape – you can see how in this video.

Alex scans his own work with a high end scanner and makes final corrections in Photoshop. the he sends digital files to the publisher.

Sit back and relax and learn from a master and his years of experience.

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