Unboxing Pentel Aquash Paint Brushes

smallwatercolourflowersTwitter friend, americo neves, asked me if I ever used portable brushes, well I happened to have a set of Pentel Aquash Brushes and so I thought I would give them a go and show you how I got along with them. I happened to be drawing at the Keswisk Pencil Museum the week after and used them solidly for three days with Aquatone colour crayons and I had a lot of fun with them

I have to admit that when I first looked at them I thought they looked a bit cheap and plastic, but now I’ve used them I think they are great and will always have them in my bag for quick sketching. They are quick and fun and a lot easier to use than carrying around pots of water for your water colours. Good fun.

If you are thinking of trying them out, please use the US or UK Amazon links below and help support my videos, thanks!