20,000 subscribers on the ShooRaynerDrawing channel!

Wow! my drawing channel has reached 20,000 subscribers! Thanks everyone. I thought I would draw something special to celebrate, but couldn’t think what. I asked for ideas on twitter (follow me @shoorayner) and @jakehenley123 suggested I should “give all your subs 20 pounds. Lol :D” Well, much as I’d love to, I can’t afford to do that! but it gave me an idea…

I’m a great one for affirmations to cheer me up when things are aren’t going right, so I thought I would give you especial affirmation in the style of a joke banknote. the message reads, “I wish the bearer of this note to have a fabulous life and to become Really good at drawing through practice, practice, practice! with best wishes Shoo Rayner.”

Click this download file,[wpdm_file id=4]
Print out the page and cut out the note. Keep it in your purse or wallet or put it up where you can see it so you can read it every time you feel like giving up on a drawing or just can’t get yourself started. read the note and tell yourself, “I’ll start and I’ll finish.”So much of getting better at drawing is just about getting in the habit of drawing something each day and completing it. don’t try to do a masterpiece in one sitting – just do something small that you can finish and be proud of

Good luck and thanks for following me so far. Now – on to the next 20,000 subs!