How to draw 2018 Real Easy

Happy New Year! Maybe you need to make a banner or calendar to get the year off to a good start. Here is a video to show you how to write or draw 2018 in a fancy type style. This style is like Times New Roman – It is a serif style. Serifs are the little bits that flick at the ends of letters and numbers.

Just take your time and remember to press very gently;y on the pencil so it is easier to erase later.


How to Draw Fancy Letters by hand

It’s easy to produce perfect type designs on a computer which means that you can have a lot of fun when you draw type by hand.

Because Mechanical or computer type is perfect, it means yours doesn’t have to be – in fact, it’s your imperfections that add interest to the lettering.

Getting understanding of how typefaces are put together will allow you to practice until you can start writing in fancy type as if it was your own handwriting. In fact it will be your own handwriting because as you practice, you will add your own spirit to the typeface and it will become your very own type style font.

This video is ALL CAPITALS – or UPPER CASE – next week I will do the lower case and numbers. You can see them here: https://youtu.be/LcuPbPioxq8

Capitals are called Upper Case because in the old days, when type was made from bits of metal, the capital letters were all held in the top or upper case, and the small letters were in the Lower Case – so they became known as lower case letters!