How to make a Rhombus

make a rhombus or parallelogram Work on my Euclid eBook is coming on a pace. Yesterday I finished square kinds of things or should I technically call them quadrilaterals?

I’m having great fun with this project. I loved Geometry when I was young and geometry so informs what I draw. An understanding of simple geometry helps so much in shape and pattern recognition when sorting out how to draw something. I think a bit of geometry is a great thing for would-be artists to have.

The idea of the ebook is to show shapes and how they are constructed using story, illustration, diagrams and How to videos.

I’m planning on making a paper version too. I need to get on with things because I’m booked to give a Euclid session at the Wigtown Book Festival at the ned of September. There’s nothing like a deadline to keep a project moving!